My favorite shoot to date!

Cheers to an interview where neither my boobs nor talk of sex with a teddy bear is the focus!

Spoiler Alert:  There is no bear. The bear is animated.  There is nothing there.  There is.  No sex.  With a bear.

Now that we have cleared that up and now that I have a little down time, I will be posting all of the fun press we did in recent months.  Bear with me..hahahahaha..get it!?  It’s late.    I apologize.

So, I will basically be posting in reverse.  Better late than never has always been my motto so why change it up now?  So here goes the first (last) press release!

This shoot was for a SIX PAGE spread in Glamoholic which is this cool edgy Canadian fashion magazine!  I had a blast getting ready for this shoot.  I was styled by the wonderful Caley Rinker and let me just say ladies, that this is the way to go.  I am less Stella McCartney and more say.. a whatever Nordstrom (Rack;) has on sale kind of a gal so having the opportunity to play dress up in clothes that were worth more than my first car was a dream!

MANY HUGE THANKS to my Glam Squad for the day because momma don’t wake up like this!

Hair: Brian Fisher Make-up: Hinako  Stylist: Caley Rinker

Photo: Wes Klain


Thank you.

Heading home from London to LA, in a private jet.  It is not my first time on a private jet and it won’t be my last. While being fed by a ridiculously talented private chef, who also happens to be a good friend of mine, we took a moment to appreciate how far we have both come in our lives to be able to share in this moment, today.  No matter how many times I have flown privately, the privilege and gratitude never escape me.  As I fly above the clouds in such style and comfort, amongst some of the most talented people this business has to offer, I remind myself of that little girl, sleeping in her little room, in her little bed, in her little house, on her little street, in her little neighborhood, dreaming her big dreams.  I want to hold her and thank her for having the courage to dream those dreams and tell her that no matter what happens in her life and no matter how difficult things will be, she can relax and breathe and take comfort in the fact that one day, she will have everything her heart has truly desired.

Interviewing with Maria Menounos-Domestic Press Tour in London!

Interviewing with Maria Menounos-Domestic Press Tour in London!