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Hi friends!

I wanted to let you know that as of now, well actually as of almost a year ago, I am taking a break from this blog. Many, many things have changed over the course of this year and I felt it was time to create something anew!

My first creation is still in my belly and I am THRILLED!! I am currently 7 months pregnant with a baby girl and my family is eagerly awaiting her holiday arrival! As life continually changes, so must many of our plans and so I am currently on an acting hiatus.

It has been a wonderful time to shift focus from career to home especially because I can take full advantage of this amazing “nesting” period.  I have redecorated 6 rooms in our home; moving Venice into her “teen” room and Jake into his “big boy” bedroom while creating a nursery for our little bean 💗

But, I wouldn’t feel like myself if I wasn’t working on something professionally creative and so I want to introduce you all to my newest creation!

I have had many different project ideas over the years pertaining towards empowering women; representing real life and not what today’s media or even our beloved Perfect Pinterest portrays. As life has progressed, this desire has broadened and I am SO very PROUD to say, TODAY IS LAUNCHING DAY!!

My cousin Kristyn and I have been working on a new blog/website for a few months with the intention of launching in the spirit of Back to School and I am even prouder of the fact that we tackled our deadline!

It is a lifestyle blog that focuses on simplifying the chaos of motherhood while maintaining balance in relationships, career, creativity and giving back! It is our goal to keep it real and honest and to offer a platform for like-minded women to connect.

Kristyn is brilliant and I am THRILLED that she agreed to be my partner in this endeavor.

SO…please check it out and feel free to share and subscribe! I look so forward to continuing to share our journeys together!

Love, Laugh and Create..

In Gratitude,



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