Who works out with Magic!?


This girl!!!

So..I’m a girl who works out. A lot.

If you live in LA, there’s really no excuse not to.

You can’t beat the weather with a stick and if by some chance, you’re lacking in inspiration, there is plenty of it to be found right outside your front door!

This city is a city adorned, in epic proportions, by yoga pant wearing, cold pressed juice sipping, $18 salad eating, super-model-hikers; tea cup puppies in hand..who may or may not be wearing matching yoga attire.

My point being, everyone in LA exercises. Or, at least they buck up and dress like that’s what they are doing..or about to do or just did do. I mean, you don’t know shit about fitness until you’ve spent $100 on a sports bra from LuLuLemon!  Am I right, people!!??

Anyway, back to Magic!

So, as some of you know I am gearing up for shooting the sequel of my beloved TED! After taking almost two years off from acting, I am now getting ready to move to Boston and partake in some pure Raunchy-Bear-Love:)

As part of my preparation, I’ve been changing up my fitness routine quite a bit. Basically, I’ve been trying every class in LA..well, at least in the valley. (Do other parts of LA exist!?). In the past few months I’ve done my share of hiking, running, spinning, personal training, pilox-ing, Pilate-ing, cardio barre-ing and just about every other ing-thing you can imagine. I love it all! Well..except for running. I don’t love running.

So, there I was going through my routine, feeling all proud of myself when I decided to try a little class called DRENCHED.  I walk in with my usual hand towel, my bottle of unpressed juice and knock-off LuluLemons thinking, “I got this!”

It was right between the moment when Rob Base started BLARING throughout the studio and the moment when Billy Blanks’ 7-foot-tall brother ever so encouragingly held me down into the lowest squat my poor hamstrings have ever felt for what felt like..a good day or so, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye an even BIGGER, TALLER African American gentlemen to my right. A closer look through my sweat stained eyeballs and I realized that this man was Magic Johnson!  You know Magic.  You know, the Gold medal winning Olympian, Basketball Playing Hall of Famer, All Star MVP who played 13 seasons with the Lakers and is considered one of the 50 Greatest players in NBA history?  Yea..him.  It was Magic Effing Johnson and he was SWEATING HIS BALLS OFF! Yea, that was pretty much the moment when I realized that, “No.  No, I don’t got this” and that my little hand towel and one bottle of juice would not prove appropriate for this class.

I fumbled my way through that first class with men and women of all ages, races, shapes and sizes and it was no less than AWESOME! Michaels Blanks is an excellent, if not a little intimidating, motivator and he creates a family like atmosphere while pushing you to your limits and beyond. I have never, in my life, sweat so much in one hour.

I was DRENCHED.  Yes, I said it.

It was extremely intense and even a little MAGICAL;)





2 thoughts on “Who works out with Magic!?

  1. Aunt Sue says:

    Jess, I wish you I could get inspired to get fit. I keep telling myself I can do it but I’m just not motivated….yet! Reading your blog inspires me. Keep up the good work. I look forward to maybe seeing you in Boston. Love, Aunt Suzie

    • jessicabarth22 says:

      Hi Aunt Suzie!
      You just have to take the first step! It’s the hardest one to take but each one after that gets easier. I promise! As long as you have the desire, you can make it happen. Baby steps. Start with light walks and move on from there! xoxo

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