So, after taking a year off from acting, I am back!  It’s kind of like that boyfriend you can’t help but go back to.

“I can’t quit you!”

I guess it is like this with anything or anyone that you love.  You go through periods where you think that you have had enough and then something draws you back in and you pray that it works this time!

This time, the thing that is dragging me back in is TED 2..and I’m pretty sure it is going to work!

Filming begins this summer and so I have already begun my prep work.

1.  HEALTH: I have hired a WONDERFUL trainer!  He is not only one of the nicest guys that I have ever met, he really knows his sh*t!  I have always been athletic and played some type of sport so it is important to me to keep my workouts not only challenging but FUN!  If I am bored, I totally zone out.  We have been doing lots of strength training with barbells, ropes and the TRX–which I LOVE!  If you guys are looking to amp up your fitness game and nutrition, he is your guy!  (He also is a hell of an actor and prominent voice over artist!)


2. CRAFT: Brushing up on my Bah-stin dialect!  Cannot wait to be back east!  So close to PHILLY!!! I have an AMAZING dialect coach and friend, Bailey Duemmel!  She is a speech therapist who does wonders with dialects!  Check her out!


3. NUTRITION:  My focus right now is health and being mentally, spiritually and emotionally focused. Alex has been on me to begin some sort of meditation this I say, baby steps, my friend.  Baby steps.  I have however met with a nutritionist and have specific meal plans I am following which don’t allow much wine which kind of makes me want to kick something. Hard.  (

4. COACHING:  Warner Loughlin. Enough said.

5.  Most importantly, FAMILY:  My family is my life and the security, love and joy that they fill me with every single day I open my eyes gives me the courage to not only dream big, but to live big and to also live in a constant state of abundance and appreciation.  I carve out time each and every day to communicate with my family on a deep level.  This isn’t an area in which I have always been the best, but I have learned how imperative connection is within relationships.  Without my family, I’d be lost.  LOVE YOU ALL, SO MUCH!!

One thought on “FIVE THINGS <3

  1. Melanie says:

    Glad to hear you’ll be back on the big screen again! We had a WCU reunion last weekend and we were all wondering what you’ve been up to the last year!!

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