Old endings and new beginnings..

Oh, how I have missed blogging!

The short explanation as to why I have been on hiatus from this blog is..well, just that. I have been on hiatus..from a lot of things. I had been living in Los Angeles for 10 years and had been fortunate enough to audition and work consistently that entire time.   I felt that it was time to take a break.

Sometimes, the right decision is to step away from something or someone in order to gain perspective and appreciation.  The risk, however, is that those things or that person may not be there when you are ready to return.

I have taken this time to heal from profound loss in my life, to grieve for things and people, ideas and love that I once held so dear.  To examine and forgive my life, my past, and most importantly myself.  And, to accept the purist gift of absolute perfection and joy to have ever blessed my life.  A precious gift that I will work the rest of my life to be worthy of..I am eternally grateful.

As far as my career, I feel blessed because not only have I come back to ample opportunities, but for the first time in my career in this town, I have a completely solid team behind me.  A team of women.  Just as I had prayed for.  These women are heavy hitters in this industry and they believe in me 100 percent.

My manager is the awesome Andrea Pett-Joseph at Brillstein Entertainment and my agent is the beautiful Melissa Hirschenson at Innovative Artists.Image

Based on my role in TED, I was offered a leading role in the upcoming comedic film Army Bratz opposite Thora Birch, Rob Schneider and Jamie Kennedy.  Details are in the process of being finalized but as of now, we are set to film for a month in Puerto Rico!  Fingers crossed: )

SO, now that things are settling back down for me both personally and professionally, I will be updating much more.

Thank you for your endless support!  It means more than you know: )

Live, Love, Laugh and Create,


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