Things Brewing..

So, my “September Semester” is underway and I’m feeling amazingly productive..ya know, aside from The Jersey Shore marathon playing in the background to which I have suddenly and somehow found myself addicted! Judge me.

I’ve challenged myself to some sort of self made boot-camp, which is to say I may or may not be a tad more lenient on myself than say a real-life Boot Master. Nevertheless, I worked out 6 days last week..(didn’t drop a pound but no discouragement here..ahhhhhhhhhhh!) It’s funny how it takes 4 seconds to gain five pounds and 4 weeks to lose it. Anyhoo..I am obsessed with these “Primal Sprints.” And by obsessed, I mean I have done them once. One time. And, I quite seriously, thought my lung was going to explode. Nevertheless, nevertheless is my new favorite word and I’m “obsessed.”

Meetings are in the works..

UCB Improv classes beginning mid-month (with my awesome friend, Bailey who also has an INCREDIBLE line of jewelry! Check her out!

New pictures are being taken..

And, somewhere out there, a movie is being made and I am on a mission to become a part of it: )

3 thoughts on “Things Brewing..

  1. Gina says:

    When I work out at the track, I always do sprints. They’re an excellent boost for interval training. How’d you hear about primal sprints – from Mark’s Daily Apple or the Primal Diet?

    • jessicabarth22 says:

      Make it tomorrow! Act like it is due for Brownies and post it here! I heard about the sprints through my friend, Alex and yes..they are from Mark’s Daily Apple. Run as fast as you can for 20 seconds and rest for 10. Do this 8 times! Let me know how much you wanna collapse afterwards! xo

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