Summers End..

Summer is coming to an end and my husband is getting all geared up for his next semester of grad school and I have to say, I am slightly envious. I miss the crispness of a blank sheet of paper, the smell of a new notebook, receiving the syllabus for a new class, the scent of autumn in the air and a new backpack!
All of this gives my husband a mad case of anxiety, but I LOVE it! And so, I have come up with an AMAZING idea! I am going to treat September as the first month of my imaginary school year and I will create my own syllabus!

Here it is:

1. Finish up my Women’s Accomplishment Group with Andrea Quinn.
2. The Artist’s Way
3. Bikram Yoga
4. Meditation series with Deepak Chopra
5. UCB Improv Class
6. The Business of Acting
7. Write every day in my brand new office
a) First draft of CC
b) First draft of AHE
8. Take more pictures with my new camera
9. Sew and listen to music
10. Have fun working on my “True Blood” body! (Thank you Alex Bedria for this hysterical reference;)

One thought on “Summers End..

  1. Gina says:

    As you so often do, you’ve inspired me to make changes in my life and set attainable goals. I’m starting my list right now. 🙂 xo

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