Okay, so I am fully getting back into the swing of things. I apologize to my five readers that I have been MIA: ) There is so much to share so I will refer to my journal for little updates to share with you!

Last day of Shooting

Reason number 1 the last day of shooting was awesome:
My cousin Kristyn flew in from Philly to visit me and I practically forced her to be an extra in the movie. Two Barths. One movie. Doesn’t get much better than that, right? Oh but, just you wait. Because, it gets better.

Reason number 2 the last day of shooting was awesome:
My nephew drove to Boston from Philly to visit me! Did I mention that my family rocks!?

Reason number 3 that my last day of shooting will go down in history as one of my all time best days!? (A close second to meeting my husband and eventually giving birth to our kids and all of that. A VERY CLOSE second; )

On this last day of shooting, we were filming my last scene with Mark Wahlberg. Even though I had shot with him a few times already, this was a quick scene with just him and I. I wanted to pee my dress but, I thought better of it.

In the scene, Mark has to be very animated and to get him in the mood he played, “How you like me now..” (Song from The Fighter) Needless to say, I was loving life. I could tell that he was really trying to get in the moment and so I began to improvise with him. Did I mention that improvisation scares the living crap outta me? Oh yea. It does.

He went with it. Thank God! That could have been disastrous. For the first four takes, we had to stop because he kept laughing at me. I was in love. Not with him, of course Brett Dicksa! But, in love with the moment. We filmed a few more times and talked, as the characters, in between takes. When we were finished, Mark Wahlberg said to me, “We have to film more stuff together.”

I don’t know if I actually formed a sentence or if some semblance of words managed to come out of my mouth. I think it is safe to say that I had a huge crazy person smile (see photo above) plastered on my heavily make-upped face, as I mumbled some sounds vaguely familiar to, “uh-huh”.

I was literally shaking as we walked out of the tiny room. Literally. My knees were about to give out at any moment. I thought to myself, if I can just make it down those stairs, I could slip into the bathroom and scream and cry like a lunatic on ecstasy and no one would no the difference…Or WOULD they?? Two more steps and we were all gonna find out. One step later, I was whisked around and dragged back into the tiny room we were filming in. Was I being kidnapped?


I was being brought back into the room where Mark and the entire crew called a wrap on Tami-Lynn. (my character for any new readers!) This is what they typically do on set for your last day of shooting. Everyone stands around and claps for you and says goodbye. It would have been a sad moment had it not been for the extreme sense of euphoria pumping through my sweaty veins.

I stood there trying my best to stop my knees from knocking together and to really receive the love in that room. “BE PRESENT!” I tried telling myself. “I am TRYING!!” I yelled back-hopefully in my head.

Ok, this had to stop. I couldn’t be the crazy, sweaty, knock-kneed mess of an actress who yelled at herself. “Get a grip, Barth! You did a great job and you should be proud!”

I was sure they could here the knocking over the applause. I decided to hug Seth MacFarlane, to show my appreciation for his wonderful direction, patience and expertise but mostly to hold me up in case I fainted. Next was a hug from the Director of Photography and then..

A Hug. From. Mark Wahlberg.

This is why the last day of my shooting my first leading role in a major motion picture was not only awesome, but EPIC.

Mostly because, I do believe those claps were pure and genuine and that I did my very best and because this whole entire experience has been beyond surreal. And so, I guess a little knee knocking was in order!

5 thoughts on “EPIC

  1. Ellen Byars says:

    Honey I am soooo proud of you! You worked so hard and I know you were dynamite! Mark confirmed it! About staying present- keep it up and soak it up! Love you star.

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