Getting Ready!

Okay, so I am a known procrastinator!  There seems to be little I can do to change this, so I am hoping that this blog will help hold me accountable for some of my daily tasks that NEED to get done before I fly back to Boston!

Some of My Things to Do:

1. Spray tan.

2. Nails done. (French manicure–long.)

3. Gym

Known as SNG-Jersey slang.  I know this because I have been “researching” my way through countless “Jersey Shore” marathons. Tami-Lynn would definitely be slappin a B*@CH down the shore! And that B*@CH’s name might rhyme with Hookie.  Just sayin.

Tomorrow, is my coaching session with the wonderfully amazing Warner Loughlin!  She owns a studio in Hollywood and has created the best acting technique that I have ever come across.

Within Warner’s technique,  you  create a character by the use of your imagination and your senses.  I use her process with every single audition and booking and each time I fall in love, all over again, with the craft of acting!

I am beyond excited to see what new characteristics will be discovered tomorrow through our session!

On Friday, I get my hair done and on Saturday and Sunday, I hit the tanning salon!  Can’t wait to start physicalizing this character!

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