Legends of the Fall

I wish I could say that it was something fabulously artistic or iconic that made me want to become an actress.

Really, it was just that I wanted to make out with Brad Pitt!

No, that was just part of the reason.  Really it was movies like Legends of the Fall, Tombstone, Casino and Good Fellas that made me want to do what those people did.  What those actors did. I used to tell people that my influences were Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe to try and sound cool.  I didn’t.  The truth is, I had only seen like one movie they both were in.

It was really Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer, Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert DeNiro, Leondardo DiCaprio and Julia Ormond that did it for me.  I would have died to act in the scene where Julia Ormond sees Brad Pitt for the first time after he has been gone for several years and she is now married to his older brother! ( Should have waited just a little bit longer, Julia.)  I wanted desperately to be Doc Holiday when he tells Johnny Ringo, “You’re no daisy.”  I wanted to be Robert DeNiro in–well, just about every scene that he has ever acted in.

So, as I sit here on a random Tuesday night, watching Legends of the Fall, I am a bit nostalgic.  I am reminded of my father. Reminded of his love for Anthony Hopkins and even for Brad Pitt, although he would NEVER admit to that one.  I am reminded of younger days when my eyes glittered with stardust and naivete, dreaming of a land called California. Not knowing quite how to get there but praying every night for a way.

So, tonight I am here.  I have somehow made it to Los Angeles, California-3000 miles away from anything and everything I have ever known.  And for a little girl from Northeast Philadelphia, some days..that is enough.

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