Short Post..

Took my puppy on a hike, ran into Kathy Griffin and her D-list, chatted about how cute my puppy is; because he is.  Realized that it is never a good idea to hike Runyon Canyon too close to sundown; because it’s not.  Watched three-yes I said THREE-Goldie Hawn flicks, because she’s AWESOME!  And now, I am off to sleep way later than I planned to be sleeping because ..I do this every night.  I am praying very hard that 8am takes it’s sweet time to arrive!  Happy Labor Day to all!

2 thoughts on “Short Post..

  1. Melanie says:

    I Loooove Kathy Griffin! I’m jealous about a lot of things you’ve been up too lately, but that’s topping the list right now 😉

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