I’ll Start on Monday!

So, I was on a mission the other day to find out how these celebrities stay so damn thin even after popping out multiple children.  I mean seriously Gisele Bundchen!?  Really Gwyneth Paltrow!? Oh, and Heidi Klum just decides to pop out a set of twins, then climbs up on the catwalk like two days later!  I realize that celebrities do have private chefs, personal trainers, plastic surgery and possibly a drug addiction-but they are not aliens.  There has to be a way to look that amazing without all of these things, right!?  I am, of course, probably wrong but I figure these people are my competition.  Hahahahaaa..well, at least one day they will be, God willing!  So, let’s see what I can accomplish without the chef, without the trainer and without the penchant for cocaine!

I almost hate to put this in writing because that means I will have to follow through.  It’s not the same thing as sitting on your couch watching other people work out while you sip red wine and promise yourself  you will “start on Monday!”  But, screw it!  I’m doing it!  I read recently that Gwyneth Paltrow allows herself to eat whatever her pretty little heart desires, as long as she works out two hours a day.  Sounds simple enough, right? Well, this is just a ridiculous notion for me.

I am not going to make asinine promises to myself that I have no intention of keeping.  There is no way I can commit to a full two hours every day..BUT- I am going to challenge myself to work out at least one hour every day for one month.

This really shouldn’t be that hard for me at all, actually.  I work at a Pilates studio.  I can workout whenever I want.  But, for some reason, I still find those two hours in the day impossible to find!  So, this is my commitment.  If I want to be successful in this industry, looks are part of the package and I accept that.  I have to.  So, beginning tomorrow-no beginning tonight, because I worked out tonight and I want it to count, I will work out one hour every day for a month!

There.  Done! Perfect!  No ifs and or butts about it! I will keep you posted on any success!

Oh wait!  I’m going away this weekend!  Can I start next Monday!??

3 thoughts on “I’ll Start on Monday!

  1. kriss says:

    all the p90x workouts pretty much take an hour and they seem to go by fast enough, but they get really monotonous after a while. i once watched an interview with this chick who went from a blubbering 300+ lbs to a super toned 120ish. she looked AMAZING. and not just for previously being obese, she would rival any fitness guru out there. her secret? she worked out 3 hours a day / 7 days a week and to maintain her weight continues to work out at LEAST 2 hours a day / 5 days a week. ummmmm. yeah. i mean, i guess i could wake up at 3am every day if i REALLY wanted it. and sometimes i even get motivated enough to fool myself into thinking i can do something like that. but then the alarm clock goes off and my sheets feel soooo comfy. and yeah. my ass stays wider than rhode island.

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