A Japanese Energy Bar

So today I got to be a “sexy but not too sexy”, young maid who witnesses her boss in a fight with the “head maid!”  I got to drive into Santa Monica in bumper to bumper traffic,(a grand total of two hours), I got to get pulled into a group of girls who looked way younger than myself and way skinnier than myself, even on my most anorexic of days, to be threatened that if we could not memorize our three lines, “Here, take this”  we would never again be called into this office. I was then challenged to be charming in a room full of hungry Japanese men!  Needless to say, it was awesome.  I could here the words, “Take Care,”  spoken to me as I left the room.  Even in Japanese; I understood.

Luckily, the ride home only took an hour and forty five minutes.  Baffling, considering my house is FIFTEEN MINUTES AWAY!

If I just would have emphasized the “this” instead of the “here!”  DAMMIT!  Damn the traffic, damn the stupid script and really, let’s damn Japan while we’re at it!

Of course, I kid.  I love sushi!

One thought on “A Japanese Energy Bar

  1. kris says:

    when i loaded the page and saw the banner, i thought that it took me to one of my sites and i was so confused for a second, haha. i love that you’re blogging. if you need any help with the design or set up or anything, let me know. i’m not a pro, but i definitely know my way around a wordpress template.

    i’m having a hard time believing that any girl can look skinnier than you without looking ridiculous and sickly.

    And dude, with that traffic, just get a Vespa. I’d be ready to hurt somebody by the time I got where I was going.

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