A good day

At 10:30am I received a call from my commercial agent.  Listening to the message made me smile.  He is a jovial man from Jersey and he calls me Jessi.  Only my family and extremely close friends from Philly call me Jessi.  Basically, if you have a thick east coast dialect, you may be prone to calling me Jessi. And, he always ends the message with, “Good luck on this one, kiddo.”  I really just love him.  I am sure he is completely unaware of this love and I am ok with this.

Same day auditions are hit or miss.  This one was a hit because it was around the corner from my house and it was smack dab in the middle of my break from clients.  Hassle free.  Another moment rushes over me when I am extremely grateful for my life and my opportunity.  It is for a CBS promo.

Everything worked today.  My outfit was easy, my hair did what I wanted it to do, and my makeup looked way better than it usually does.  There was no traffic and in case you are unaware of LA and its’ traffic situation, this is unheard of!

At the office, there was only one girl ahead of me and the CD’s were about as friendly as Casting Directors get.  We chatted up about wedding rings and whether or not we should wear them, I went in and pretended to dress Jim Belushi for a wardrobe fitting, said thank you, smiled and was on my way.

A perfect audition process.

Today is a good day.

Tomorrow could be even better: )

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