Looks matter

This is meant for every young aspiring actress out there!  For all of the girls with hopes and stars in their dreamy little eyes.  You will one day reach a point when you can no longer lose five pounds merely by having the thought of losing five pounds.  You will one day discover that what you call “laugh lines” or “smile marks” on your face, are really just wrinkles.  Plain old wrinkles.  You will also discover that this day comes WAY sooner than you will EVER expect.

I have experienced this such day.  Not pretty.  I’m still trying to work off my birthday dinner from three years ago.  Who knew my birthday present would be loosely wrapped in five pounds of flabby flesh! Despite valiant efforts to return my wonderful gift, those five pounds seemed to make themselves very comfortable on my ass for the last three or so years.  Awesome.

SO..use your SPF and unless you are able to live on a no carb-low- fat-no-fun diet for the rest of your life, begin working out-NOW.  HARD.  Like it is your mission in life.  I’d love to tell you it was to maintain your health, because I do FIRMLY believe in good health.  But, since this is a blog for would be actors and actresses, and this is indeed Hollywood, I cannot.

People do not work out here for health.  All who say they do, lie.  All who claim a deeper spirituality due to a healthier lifestyle-I call Bullshit.  Stick them in the middle of Shaboygen and see how long their cleanses, their fasts, their journey’s toward spiritual health last.  They all just wanna be pretty.  All of them.  I promise you this.

Now, I don’t make the rules.  I don’t even like the rules.  In fact..I downright despise the rules.  If I had my way, we would all live on a magical planet made out of soft pretzels and cheese whiz.  I do realize that their are exceptions to this rule, I do realize that working out does in fact make you feel better and help you lead a healthy life.  I am not denying these things, I do this myself.  I preach this myself.  HOWEVER, I maintain that the reason we all suffer through these workouts and continue on with our resolutions, the reason we even make resolutions to begin with is first and foremost to look better.  I am telling you that in Hollywood, the pressure to look great is a beast!
It is one hundred and fifty times worse than anywhere else on the planet so make sure you are prepared to handle the pressure of being pretty.  Look at poor, poor Heidi Montag for god’s sake.  SHE..that poor girl, is a whole separate blog entirely.  (Soon to come, I promise.)

That being said, this is unfortunately part of this beautifully insane business.  So, again, if you have stardust in your eyes.  Try your best to prevent wrinkles, tone your body and eat healthy and be sure to tell everyone it is because you just love being healthy or you feel closer to God or it is just part of who you are!

I tell you what is a part of who I am is a Philly Cheesesteak!  Ask me the last time I had one of those


A little teeth whitening never hurt anyone.

Good luck!

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