So yesterday..

Trying on clothes for audition

I gave up acting.  It’s become a bit of a ritual with me.  Do I really sign myself up for this? I must be somehow in some way addicted to the constant state of ups and downs.  No other normal person in life would set themselves up for rejection day in and day out, right? say you are me.  A typical day consists of getting a call from your agent, hearing the hopefullness in his voice, listening to his planning of the new Mercedes he plans to buy upon your booking of said role-no pressure- it’s enough to make you actually believe that today is in fact, YOUR DAY!

You proceed with looking over your sides, which are hopefully more than three lines (crossed fingers??) Yes!  Good role.  Good Casting Director.  Things are looking up from the last time you gave up acting.

I can’t speak for half of Los Angeles on this one, but I actually do work on my script.  Almost to an obsessive fault.  I do the work.  I love it.  This is the part I love.  This is the part to which I am addicted!  I love characters.  I love scenes.  I love acting and so this is the fun part and I would do it all day every day if someone would just pay me for it already!

Now, it is time to choose the perfect outfit. not my favorite thing.  I seem to be lacking the female gene that loses her shit over a great pair of shoes.  So, this causes a bit of a delay.  I begin to procrastinate.  Probably by blogging about this procrastination. Or possibly drinking.

Finally, I come back and choose the outfit that best fits the character and everything comes together.

Practicalities that follow:

Hard copy of headshot/resume

Postcard size thank you note with headshot on cover-It is better for me to bring one with me and write it just after the audition, otherwise I will forget.


Info on the CD that I am reading for

Gas in my car

A kiss for my husband and dogs and I am off.

This is the best part.  Who else gets to do these types of things with their days?

I drive to the audition I say a prayer of thanks because I truly am one of not that many that actually is getting the opportunity to audition.

Auditions for me, at this point, go pretty well.  I have been in hundreds of casting offices for hundreds of different projects.  The only time I really get nervous is when I am in love with the role.

I know how to act.  I’ve basically trained my entire life.  I am pretty easy to talk to and I don’t overstay my welcome in the room.  Feedback is usually good and I really am confident that this process is leading me to my ultimate goals.

HOWEVER, lets keep in mind that I have stated that I have been on hundreds of auditions.  I mean this as literally as possible. This can be taken both ways.  “ are so lucky!  You get to audition soo much!”  Taken one of two ways.  One you are really talented and people love seeing you or two you really suck because the number of auditions strongly outweigh the number of booking.  And the audition process can really make you jump for joy or make you wanna jump right of a cliff.

I strongly believe that most Casting Directors haven’t A CLUE what kind of effort both mentally and physically actors put themselves through during the audition process.  Either that or they just don’t give a shit.  If they did, I would think that if they had someone coming in to read for them and that part was ONE LITTLE LINE, thy would give them an adjustment and let them read that ONE LITTLE LINE, one more time so the actor was able to go on their merry little way thinking that all of that effort has somehow paid off.

Instead, you can pour your little heart and soul into that ONE LITTLE LINE.  Confident you have given it all you absloutely could, convince yourself in the second and a half that you are in the room that they for sure loved it!  As you gaze into the vacant eyes of the person in front of you determining your fate you hear, “Thank you.  Take Care.”  UGGGGGHHHHHH.

If you are an actor and you ever hear, “Thank you.  Take Care.”  You did not get the part.  I can promise you that.

So as you walk to your car, BAM!  It hits you!  The absolute perfect way that you should have read that line!  For sure, if you would have read it like this…!!!

“Think positive.”  You say to yourself.

This lasts a few days.  You tell yourself that it is not relevant in any way shape or form to your talent.  It was ONE LINE for chrissake! You let it go.  You may mope around the house a little and this is where the swearing off acting comes in.  “I think I may be done” you tell yourself.  You are not.

The phone rings. Your agent Dave is on the other line with dreams of grandeur and your passion is once again ignited, consuming you with an all encompassing love for your life and your ability to pursue pursue your lifelong dream!

Please be more than three lines! Fingers Crossed!!

Trying on outfits for audition

One thought on “So yesterday..

  1. jay cramer says:

    hey lady – i love what you’re doing – keep it up – try to keep it positive – it’ll behoove your mission! my title is ’15 minutes FROM fame’ – so you’re all good. keep on keepin’ on! love u – Jaybird

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