And this is how it works..

Back to the whole book a plane ticket to get an audition:

Going back to Philly for my best friends wedding.  Friday, June 25th, 2010. On my layover in Phoenix I get a “HUGE AUDITION” for a Series Regular on the new Laura Dern HBO series, from my kick ass agent, David Secor, AND it is with the Casting Director that I just got finished doing a casting director workshop with at Actors Key! Gotta be fate, right?  “For when?”  Ohhhhh..Of course..The 25th!  PERFECT!

DAVE: Soooooo..I dunno if you wanna…maybe fly back for it?? But if you were at all a good client, slash actress, you might think about pressure..K..Love ya, Bye!”—It doesn’t work unless you add the sarcastic gay undertone and the fact that he too is one of my best friends.

JESS:  “Why does God hate me?”

Needless to say, being an amazing actress..but even better friend, went to my best friends wedding.

Solution:  Put myself on tape.  Perfect!

Reality:  My 14-year-old nephew videos me then quickly loses interest and runs off to the skate park and leaves me at the mercy of YouTube and an ancient video camera.  Ugh….I need a cocktail!  Somehow, by the grace of God–ok..maybe he doesn’t HATE me, I get this thing up on the internet in time for them to hours later.  Awesome.  I am positive it will all be worth it when they see the stunning handheld camera work of both my nephew and my husband and cast me over the phone!  Perfect way to start off my best friends new marriage!  ..and the fantasies begin.

Outcome:  Never heard back.

Until today.

Audition for the new Laura Dern show!  “They loved me!!??”  Yes, except today’s audition is not so much a Series Regular but a Co-Star with oh so little lines.

Am I happy for the audition or sad that they would rather have me as a co-star than a Series Regular?

“I am grateful and happy for every single audition because it provides me with amazing opportunities!”  Said with an insane smile plastered on my face!

And this is yet another little step on the huge ladder of success in the town of tinsel!

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