I call BUllSHIT!

I must have marry me written all over my headshot!  I had yet another audition for “girl in a wedding gown with her own sense of style” yesterday.  I arrived to the audition and I was the only girl.  Thank God I decided to nix the entire wedding gown attire until at least a callback was offered.

I love my new commercial representation.  It’s funny when they tell you that it doesn’t matter who your representation is as long as you are getting in the door.  To this I call bullshit.  Every single audition room that I have been in since being with Commercials Unlimited has been filled with actors who have booked tons of national commercials.  They are the ones the casting directors know personally, they are the ones the cd’s ask how their husbands, their mothers, their dogs, and their cats are doing.  No casting director has ever asked me about poor Chancey..or Rocky, or Charlie for that matter!

I get partnered with Jeff, who seems to have been at the same bbq on sunday as everyone else in the room.  People are laughing.  Discussing how they had to pass on one national commercial because it conflicted with not only one but two others.  Talking about pilot season and how the producer of the commercial is a really good friend of a friend.  I gotta tell you, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to break into such circles.  But, my advice is to smile, keep it simple, show your personality, learn the names of the people who are reading you and ALWAYS send a thank you card!

As hard as it seems in the beginning, I am thrilled to be in this present company.  Excluding a few douchebags behind me who won’t stop talking about the starlet they supposedly banged in the back of Mo’s on thursday night.  I am so sure.

I am actually flabergasted when one of the casting assistants comes over to me and says, “Hey Jessica!  It’s been a while!”  I cock an eyebrow and say, “Yea.  It sure has!”  I have seen this guy a number of times at other auditions when I was with my former representation and Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  No contact.  Just a simple, “Be film real.  No over the top acting!”  In my former days; and by former I speak of about four days ago.  Four days ago I started reading the phenom that has apparently swept the nation, You Can Heal Your Life which informs that your thoughts and your words determine your life.  Supposedly, my cellulite will vanish if I tell myself that I am worthy and lovable forty times a day.  Sounds good to me!  So for fear of judging because in turn I will be judged or having any negative thought which will for sure obliterate any chance of me booking this commercial, I will simply say that I am grateful to finally be amongst people who are consistently working and hopefully I will feed off of their “vibrations” and I too will soon be talking litter boxes with Ross Lacey!

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