Rule #1 Of Acting: Get yourself some plans if you would like to get yourself an audition!

Haven’t seen one of my best friends in a long time.  I don’t know why living 15 minutes from someone seems so far in LA.  We have been trying to make plans forever.  First, it was a girls getaway and when that didn’t work out it became, “Let’s just make it a girls night!”  When that didn’t work, “How about just dinner?”  Then it turned to a hike?  Coffee?  Really, are we THAT busy?  We are both actresses in La.  Newly married.  Trying to balance all that goes with that!  But, that is a whole other blog in itself!  ( Check it out!

Anyway, we finally settled on drinks at Bar Marmont!  It is thursday at 6:30pm.  I don’t have any early clients.  No auditions.  I can TOTALLY make it!  Yea!  Game on!  Let’s party like rock stars!  Or at least like newly married women having a girls night without the boys!  ”For Shizzle!”  I say..but only in the coolest of ways, of course!

I finish up teaching an amazing circuit class-oh yea, I teach Pilates on the side!  LOVE IT!  Walking to my car running over my things to do list:  Walk Chance, feed Chance, feed cats, shower, get ready and drive to Bar Marmont!



New Wave Entertainment.

Hi Jessica!  You have an audition at 12:30pm tomorrow!  I have emailed you all of the details.  Comedy Pilot!  Series Regular!  Call me with any conflicts!

I am ecstatic!  Bummed that plans will have to be postponed but super excited for this opportunity!  The casting director also casted MEET THE PARENTS and I adore that film!

Ok Universe!  I am open to receiving and I am worthy of booking great parts; )

Moral to the story: If you want to get an audition..get some plans going!

I’ll keep you all posted!!

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